Christmas Jihad

I know…right? In whose world could the words Christmas and Jihad possibly go together? Well let me enlighten you.

Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even my spouse.

With Mike on his way to Erie and the cats all nappin. What a perfect time to make Christmas treats happen.

Toll House bars, banana bread, and visions of sugar cookies danced in my head. But. As I gathered the ingredients I was at once filled with dread.

All around me flew, and crawled, little orange bugs with tiny black spots. They resembled the lady bug, but they were not.

If you don’t live in the woods you may not be aware. Of these little orange and black bugs that fly here and there.

Was it the EPA that imported these, to eat the worms that threaten our trees? Or perhaps the Game Commission made the decision, without proper knowledge and without any vision.

Of where these bugs would live when leaves began to fall. When the air turned cold and winter came to call.

They move into homes with no invitation at all. They live in the attic, they live in the wall.

When warm weather appeared they awoke from their slumber. And flew to my kitchen in ungodly number.

I will not describe all that occurred, but I will tell you this as I sample the goodies. There are no orange and black insects decorating my cookies.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Lancer, Inc. Mystery Novels by Andrea Zug.

Jihad has several definitions. Including a war or a crusade against something, like the insects we call lady bugs for lack of their real name. This is in no way, a reflection of or a reference to, Jihad as related to the Muslim culture.


By andreazug

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