New Year 2014

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a crystal ball? Would you peek into the future and see what 2014 will bring? That future is just hours away and it holds so many mysteries.

It fascinates me that almost every man, woman and child looks eagerly toward the new year. As though it’s a given that life will improve. Perhaps jobs will miraculously appear. Minimum wage will skyrocket. Our homes will be worth at least as much as we initially paid for them. People will respect one another. Will any of that happen?

It could. That is the magic of it, it could happen. If life has taught us anything it should be to expect the unexpected. That is one of the true treasures that we, as human beings, can look forward to. Something is sure to happen when you least expect it. That ‘something’ isn’t guaranteed to be a good thing. But neither is it guaranteed to be bad.

What will we all be doing for the next 28 or 29 hours? Hoping/Wishing/Praying. Hoping for a cure for one of the diseases that plague mankind? Wishing you could find true love? Praying for a miracle? Hope springs eternal. How many times have you heard that old saying? In reality it does.

If there was a way you could keep track of how many times you say or think ‘I hope’. I bet you would be surprised how large that number would be. The same would apply to I wish and I pray.

For the next 28 or 29 hours we will all, at one time or another, be hoping, wishing or praying for something that is near and dear to our hearts. Many of those desires will be for other people. Our creator endowed us with an immense capacity to love others, and to care for others.

I hope and wish and pray for so many things in 2014. I couldn’t list them all here. For you: I hope you will be happy, wish you health and vigor and I pray that you will love and be loved.

On New Year’s Day, walk up to the first person you see and say: Hey what day is it? Come on, I know you know what day it is. Hump Daaaaay…yeah! Happy New Year from me and the Hump Day Camel. Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.


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