This is the special corner of the blogging world where the fans of Lancer, Inc. can meet the author and get to know something about her and her characters.

I am an avid reader and I love the English language, which is a good thing when you are an author. I have been writing, mostly poetry, since grade school. I started my first novel while my husband Mike was in Vietnam. He was wounded and sent home just three months after our daughter Michelle was born. Raising a family took precedence over writing. It was 2006 when I pulled the manuscript out of mothballs and Lancer, Inc.was born. Mike came home wounded, both physically and emotionally…Lancer, Inc. was a form of therapy, a way to unlock buried trauma. Many of his experiences live within the pages of the Lancer, Inc. series. It helped him; that is the positive passion of my work. My latest book, Vengeance, takes the Lancers down a new road. Step into the world of Mike and Angela Lancer, Private Investigators…you might just like it there.

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