Angela Lancer/Lancer, Inc.

Hello everyone. My name is Angela Lancer aka Angel. I’ve been asked to tell you a little bit about myself and the work I do. Let me begin by saying that I was mad a hell when I found myself in San Francisco, California. It wasn’t my choice to give up the woods and the river for smog, traffic, murder and mayhem.

And while we’re setting the stage, let’s be clear on one more thing. I am not a soft, sweet, lil ol’ country girl. I am a bit of a bitch by nature. I grew up with boys and I learned to use language that made other girls whisper and snicker. My early years were spent climbing trees, playing cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and football…tackle football. I had two choices. Be tough or spend all my time in my room crying. Take a guess which one I chose. Truth be known, that early training might have saved my life a time or two.

My husband, Mike, needed to become a private investigator. That path was chosen in the jungles and rice paddies of Vietnam. It was a promise made between two men who became brothers amid the fighting and killing. Mike came home wounded. His brother-in-arms was not so lucky.

I am the mother of three amazing children. I admit I am torn every time we have a case and have to leave them. Although I make sure they are well cared for, I feel as though I am abandoning them. I wonder how many times my heart can break before it ceases to function or I am forever changed.

Mike does try to help by suggesting I stay home. I can’t do it. As much as I hate to leave my babies, I’m afraid not to go. Fear and embarrassment are my nemeses. I was not in Vietnam with Mike. I couldn’t protect him. Now I can, but only if I am with him. I know what you are thinking. You’re saying I really can’t protect him and maybe that’s true, especially if I’m not there. Do you see my point?

I do have a soft side, but if you tell anyone I will hunt you down. Remember I’m trained to do just that and I’m very good at my job. The softness comes from my grandmother. She taught me to value life…all life. She taught me about the God that protects me and loves me without question. It was because of her that I am a good mother. She showed, by example, that being loved and loving others is the greatest gift in the world. I am, in turn, teaching my own children those values.

I was asked to tell you about some of the most difficult cases Mike and I have solved. I would really love to share some stories with you, but I can’t do it just now. We are in the middle of , what I consider to be, our toughest case to date. If we can meet again in a few days I will be glad to tell you about our first case. I call it Lancer, Inc. simply because it was our first. That case set us on the path we follow today.

Okay, I have to run before Mike leaves without me. We just got a break in the case and it’s imperative that we move on it as quickly as possible. See you soon. Take care, have an absitively wonderful day and wish us luck.


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