Enter the world of Jack Wendell:

This seems to be my month for reading Epic Vampire Novels. I love it when an author gives me a new twist on an old favorite. That is precisely what Daven Anderson does in his novel, Vampire Syndrome.

After reading Dark Road to Paradise a few weeks ago, I didn’t think I could be surprised again. I was truly wrong in my assumption. Daven adds a twist, wrapped up nicely in the hero of his tale, Jack Wendell. Adding to the suspense is the fact that Jack has Down Syndrome.

I wasn’t sure just how this story would go as I tried to envision a special needs vampire, and what that fact might add to-or detract from-the Vampire persona. Let me just say that there was no detract from, in this story…it was all add to.
You will find non-stop action in this read. Edge of your seat-what’s gonna happen next syndrome is waiting for you with every turn of the page.

I think anyone who reads this work will appreciate the depth that Daven Anderson reaches, as he introduces the Human Vampires and the Pures. It is pure genius, no pun intended. I highly recommend Vampire Syndrome to anyone who loves the genre. You will not be disappointed.

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