As I sit here in my jammies, drinking a nice cup of tea…I see white cat hair all over my jammie top. As I reach for the sticky, roller thingy I use to remove the unwanted hair…I am unnerved. I look at my jammie bottoms…seemingly for the first time. I see yellow crescent moons. Sitting atop these moons are white dogs with black cats  on their shoulders…reaching up. Red, yellow and white stars are all over the place as well, accompanied by the words-reach for the stars-in red.

I know my daughter, Michelle, gave me these jammies a couple of years ago…for my birthday. Why am I just now noticing how cute they are? Have I been so focused on ‘more important’ things that I no longer notice the simple things? On the bright side…no one can accuse me of being self absorbed.

I am acutely aware that I am a bit of an enigma. Perhaps that is why I write mysteries-for the most part. I’m also sure that any psychiatrist worth his salt could diagnose me, and ‘enigma’ would, most likely, be the least offensive word he/she would use to describe my psyche. The phrases-two french fries shy of a happy meal, half a bubble off center and not playing with a full deck…come to mind.

What is this trying to tell me? That I really am too focused on big things…like having Vengeance published? That I am walking through life with blinders on? Am I missing part of what makes life worth living…simple, everyday, things?

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We may not immediately know what the reason is, but at some point-it will become clear. I have always found pleasure in a baby’s smile or the smell of their skin, watching the birds outside the sliding glass door, my husbands laughter, good friends, a phone call from my kids. I don’t want any of that to change.

From this moment forward I will take time to live in the here and now instead of worrying about ‘what’s down the road’. I will take pleasure in the simple things in life…even if it is just my cute, comfy jammies.



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