The Promise of Spring

You awake from a dreamless sleep, feeling refreshed. You walk to the bedroom window and open the blind to let in the beautiful, warm, sun. Your eyes are closed. Your head is tilted toward the sky.
You open your eyes and squint, just a bit. The brilliance will not allow you to look full into the warm, glowing, orb. A smile touches your lips as your eyes slowly pan downward.
The blue of the sky is interrupted by the majesty of the pines. Blue Spruce, White Pine and Hemlock dot the surrounding mountains. You open your eyes now to take in the beauty as your gaze falls to the tops of the surrounding trees that stand as sentinels among the evergreens.
Reality strains against the smile, but you will not give in. There, by the thousands, are the oak, ash, sugar maple, chestnut, apple and cherry trees. Was it the hand of God, or perhaps Mother Nature’s hand that changed the landscape? It was as though a supernatural force stripped the multicolored leaves, and sprinkled them on the earth. You remember the beauty-for there is always beauty in nature.
Your gaze falls farther still. You see your neighbor’s house and note the stark contrast from the beauty of color to that of brilliant white. Snow sparkles as the sunlight glints off of the snow covered roof. Icicles cling to the gutters. It is ever so slight, but you see droplets fall from the tapered ends. The back yard is a wonderland of snow that looks like an unbroken sea of cotton-so white it is almost blinding.
Your eyes find the icicles again and your smile widens. Soon it will come. Soon the earth will be renewed. It’s sleep will give way to a new beginning, new life. The promise of spring.

4 comments on “The Promise of Spring

    • I’m trying to give Mother Nature a push in the right direction. Make her anxious to paint the landscape in vibrant colors and usher in the warm spring air. Spring is a very special time.

    • I love Spring, Daven. What a joy it is to see the mysteries of nature. To watch new life spring forth from the dormant earth beneath our feet. It is truly one of God’s greatest gifts.

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