Ship in a bottle, chairs in a cube, dream or reality? That’s for you to choose.

You wake up in a cold sweat, your mind is in a fog. You can’t focus, and you don’t know where you are. Swirling images try to break through the cobwebs in your brain. Faces, without form or features, try, without success, to break through the darkness. You’re not awake, but neither are you asleep.
You calm yourself and try again to see something, feel something. Fear screams into the foreground. Am I dead? What was I doing before this…emptiness?
You cry but there are no tears. You scream but there is no sound. You try to pray but the words won’t come. You close your eyes. At least you think you’re closing them, you can’t feel anything. You tell your self to breathe, deep, cleansing breaths. Yet your chest does not rise and fall.
What was I doing? What was I doing before this blackness overtook me? You tell your eyes to open. Images flood your brain, but are you seeing them or merely sensing them? Floats and boats and roller skates. Snakes and frogs and trees. You try to make sense of the things flashing in and out of the darkness.
You tell yourself that you are in the throes of a nightmare. You will have to remember to tell your husband about it in the morning.
In that instant, with that thought, the fog lifts a bit. You can see a shelf. On that shelf is a ship in bottle. You always wondered how those treasures were made. But that shelf is not yours, nor is the bottle. You wonder where you are, and why you are so cold.
Despair replaces the hope you felt for a few brief seconds. More images push aside the darkness. A dinner table set for two, an old cast iron stove, a cat perched on the back of a sofa. A broom in the corner, a black hat and cape. You hear a doorbell ring, and quick steps hurrying to answer. As you wonder for the thousandth time why you can’t move, see or feel. A hand appears in the blackness. In that hand is a glass. The glass contains a clear liquid, cubes of ice float within. One ice cube catches your eye. There are chairs in the cube, dining room chairs. Your dining room chairs!
Ship in a bottle, chairs in a cube, dream or reality? That’s for you to choose.

By andreazug

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